What is meant by Aurudra Dance ?

Is the star of the birthday of Lord Shiva?
The birthplace of ‘Patton Biyon’ is the culmination of the Sangam literature, symbolizing Lord Shiva. There are legends about the star of Lord Shiva in the temple.

That day, the day of the day, the day of the month of the month of Tiruvadirai. To make this happen, today, on the day of Adi, Thus the star of Lord Shiva became Thiruvadirai

Once upon a time, a devadayaka goddess Parvati was a devotee of the Goddess. Married to Tirathayaka. Shanthi Mukurtham is on the fourth day of marriage.

But on the third day of marriage, the husband of deceased. Can you try to test me like your devotee, Shirdi Devi?

Shiva, who shouted at her vow, immediately saw an emotional sight. After seeing this, Eman Devadeku’s husband was brought back to life.

Then she blessed her husband and the devil. This event took place on a star day of the month of December. This darshan has been named the Arutra Darshanam.

Sivarathri nanny reveals that Lord Shiva has shown himself as a flame of fire. Swami is the day that the Lord (the creation of) on the earth is Arutra good. If Sivaratriyam worshiped him, he would benefit. Aurudra is the result of the darshan!

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