Marketing Ideas for the Real Estate Business

The real estate sector can be a difficult business. To compete, it is necessary to have solid marketing programs that keep you in front of potential customers and ahead of the competition. A marketing plan based on effort, innovation and smart connections in a variety of industries is one of the keys to success in the real estate sector.

Basic concepts

The more people are talking about your real estate business, the more you’ll get references and businesses. Do not take the basics of marketing for granted.

Make posters pointing out colorful and eye-catching properties for sale. Use cartoon characters, colorful designs or whatever you can think of to make your posters attractive, but reasonably simple; Important information should be easy to read on the posters.

For open houses, it provides posters that give a sense of urgency to the people who circulate through it. It includes words and phrases that indicate that the house could be sold that day, as a “reduced price” or “motivated seller” so that the interested persons feel the need to stop immediately.

Creation of networks

Real estate agents who work alone are not as successful as those who have a network of professionals. Construction companies, employment agencies, local businesses and real estate agencies outside the city are all good companies with which to establish a relationship.

People often move in and out of communities. By creating an effective network of contacts, you can be the real estate agent they call when someone wants to buy a house in your community. Create networks within your community and reach the mortgage brokers, lawyers, bankers and others involved in buying and selling houses in your community. References and word of mouth advertising are two of the most powerful ways to get new business.

Written and online literature

Your written literature should be more than just an exhibition of your ads. It includes information to help both people who are looking for a house and those who are thinking about listing their home.

Make your marketing material a resource for people, offer listings of properties for sale, track trends at the local and national level and provide information about local schools, for example. It’s easy to dismiss a slogan as a cliché form of marketing, but a catchy slogan that people quickly associate with your agency helps increase visibility in the public’s eye.

Try some slogans with some friends and family, and then proceed with what seems to be the most effective. All this should make the website effective and easy to navigate. Your website address should be in each piece of literature you distribute and in each advertisement that you run.

List all the properties available on your website, offer tips for people looking to sell their homes and update the news section on a regular basis with useful information. The key to a good website is to constantly update the information and make sure it is easy to use.

Social Media Marketing

Of course, something basic you must do is spread the properties you have for sale, in different media, mainly on social networks, whether Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, among others.

The most important thing when using social networks is that you should always add images and links to the properties, so you can capture and redirect traffic.

You can use the main accounts of the brand, however you can also use your personal accounts, but for this it is necessary to have your personal brand well developed, to increase the credibility towards your person.

Video Drones

Dozens of markets that use drones are taking off and the sale of real estate is one that is becoming more popular every day.

Aerial photography and video with drones can reduce the time invested and increase their sales of real estate, showing potential buyers a great variety of innovative details taking advantage of the highest technology to promote their properties.

Buyers from another city, state or even from a distant country can take an aerial tour through the hills and have a great view of the property that is offered.

Of course, some will say that Google Earth can provide a satellite view of some place, but in reality, it is something static and pseudo 3D without any value, but a drone can show something at a completely higher level. The drones give the real estate a quality film with a production that includes the most positive aspects of the farm. Potential buyers see the property in the best way, even with the inspiration of a music in the background.

Real estate marketing will make use of many more important innovative ideas, many more than we have mentioned. Among them is the use of influencers, which is something that is growing in importance more and more every day.

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