How to wash the football gloves


Football is an excellent sport which requires a lot of equipments like shoes, socks, helmet to require pads for the player’s safety. Many people love football, they form a team of their own and play on the ground when possible. The equipment they use should be maintained with care and caution for a longer life.

football gloves

Gloves are used by the players who mainly catch or receive the ball in hand. Gloves are not mandatory for all the players, it is used by running backs and wide receivers. By catching the ball, it gets dirty with mud and grass stains. To make your gloves look fresh and smell great one should always ensure the proper washing of their gloves regularly.

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Tips to wash the gloves in a washing machine

You have to wash your football gloves regularly and as soon as possible so that you can wear them on the ground. These simple machine washing tips help you to get your gloves on time.

Wipe them down: If you play on the raw field or plain grass field, you have to brush off the gloves to remove mud, dirt, any loose debris, etc. If you do not do so, mud or dust may stick to your football gloves.

Check the instructions: You have to read the user manual before you prefer the machine washing. Check whether your gloves are machine-washable. If not then prefer hand washing.

Flip them inside out: If your gloves are machine washable, then you are ready to put the gloves in the machine. Before putting it on the wash, you should flip the gloves inside out. By doing this, you can save the outside material without any damage, because it needs grip to hold the ball.

Reach for a pillow cover: If you want further protection of your gloves, you should place them inside a lingerie bag or pillow covers and seal them tight. Then put it in the machine for washing.

Wash on cold and gentle: If you use hot water for washing, the gloves may get damaged, so prefer cold water for washing the gloves. So select the option ‘gentle care’ to wash your gloves with good care without any damage. Use a mild detergent or designed detergent to wash your gloves to treat them properly.

Hang to dry: After the wash cycle is completed, you can finish this process by drying the gloves. You can hang the gloves to get dried. Don’t prefer dryers for drying them, because high temperature in dryers may damage your gloves. So plan accordingly and give time for the gloves to get dried before you use it again.

Tips to hand wash the gloves

If machine washing is restricted by the manufacturers, then you should opt for hand washing your gloves. Though machine washing is allowable, it’s better to prefer hand washing because you can handle your gloves gently and maintain it smoothly and carefully to get longer life. Here are the few tips to hand washing your gloves.

Prepare your water: You can take a tub, sink or empty bucket and fill it up with a small quantity of water and add a required of well-suited detergent powder or liquid into it. You don’t need to use cold water for the wash, make sure the temperature of the water should not exceed lukewarm temperature.

Soak the gloves: After the water is ready, put the gloves into the detergent water and soak them completely. Make sure the gloves are completely wet, then leave it in detergent water for a minute or two. After that, use your hands to scrub the gloves gently. Make sure you should handle it gently and carefully so that the sensitive part of the gloves does not get damaged.

Rinse out the soap: Once the scrubbing process gets completed, you should empty the detergent water and fill some fresh clean water in the bucket or sink. Then soak the gloves in the freshwater to remove any detergent stains that may be settled in the gloves.

Air dry: Once the washing process gets over, find the place to dry the gloves. Don’t prefer dryer, as the high temperature may damage your gloves. Hang it to dry, since it takes some time, even though this process makes your gloves look good for a long time.

Care between washes

It’s very important to take good care of your gloves, you have to maintain it properly when they are not put to wash. Once you remove your gloves, make sure to dry them without any moisture in it. Your sweat should not remain long after you remove them. You can place a bunch of newspaper inside the gloves after you remove them and hang it to dry. The newspaper absorbs all the moisture from it and removes the sweat smell. It helps to dry the gloves quickly and reduces the unpleasant smell. When you go for the next match, you can just remove the newspaper from the gloves and use it without any smell.