How to Clear Your Home of Unnecessary Items


You may not realize that your home is full of both important and unnecessary items until you have to move, either to another city, state or country. Because before you pack all your things, you must decide which items are worth moving. This will not just cut back on your expenses but will also make your removal lighter, easier, and more successful.

But figuring out which items to keep and to toss is a challenge. Luckily, you can now get professional help from house clearance services in Adelaide. Also, you can follow this pre-move guide to help clear your house of items you will not need anymore.

Start With Your Closet

If you are a shopaholic, you probably have a closet full of clothes and fashion accessories. For sure, some of these items are just used once, twice or never. Though it is tempting to keep your tight-fitting or loose tops and bottoms on standby, take note that these items will add significant weight to your moving boxes and increase your relocation expenses.

But before starting sorting out your things, get 3 different boxes and label them with Keep, Donate/Sell, and Trash.

Here are some tips to sort out your wardrobe:

  • If you didn’t use the item for the past year, it is wise to donate or sell it – may it be a shirt, a hat, pants or a pair of shoes.
  • Don’t hold onto clothes hoping that its style will come back to the fashion trend in the coming years.
  • Get rid of everything that doesn’t fit your current body figure and shoe size. Otherwise, take it to a tailor.
  • Toss pieces of clothing that are irreparably damaged, stained or not in good condition already.

Move On To Your Electronics

After dealing with your closet, go through your electronics and appliances. Keep only those that you will use. But if the transportation cost is more expensive than buying a new TV or washer and dryer for your new house, consider selling or donating them instead.

For broken or damaged electronics like computers, printers, mobile phones, and accessories, toss them in a separate box other than the trash box and label it with E-waste. This is important because the disposal of e-waste is different from the other items. In Australia, you can bring them to any e-waste recycling drop-off point. This way, these items won’t end up in a landfill, thus preventing the contamination of the environment.

Downsize Your Furniture and Other Essentials

Before your removal, you should already have a copy of your new home’s floor plan to help you figure out which items will go where. When downsizing, get rid of furnishings, kitchen essentials, aluminum sliding windows Bankstown, and other things you no longer need.

For items you will use at a later time, such as the seasonal ones, consider storing them in a safe, cost-effective storage unit.  This way, they won’t consume considerable space in your new home. The best thing about this storage solution is that you can keep your items for as long as you want with a peace of mind that they remain safe and damage-free. Rest assured that you will retrieve them in the same condition as you stored them.

If you want to sell most of your furniture, it would be a good idea to host a yard sale weeks before your moving day to make sure that all the items you want to sell get sold before you move to your new house. You can also sell these items online – all you have to do is to post pictures of them and request for the buyer to pick them at your house whenever possible. Perform a bit of research to determine which route suits you best.

Safely Dispose Of Hazardous Materials

Moving and storage companies do not allow hazardous items to be moved or stored because of the risks involved. Take note as well that donation sites will not accept these materials. So make sure to be aware of how to safely dispose of hazardous bits and pieces, such as gasoline, cleaning agents, paints, aerosols, and fireworks. You can give them to the right drop-off points or perhaps ask your hired removal company about how to do this properly.

The hard work of moving starts even before your moving day. To ensure a smooth removal, make sure that you only bring what you need by implementing these tips. Also, don’t hesitate to hire a reputable removal company to help ease your move. Besides, professional removalists have the right knowledge, experience, and tools to help you from decluttering to settling in your new home.


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