Hilarious travel in Ooty mountain train

Ooty and the hills of the hills and the sprawling Tea forests are known for the popularity of the Ooty Mountain Rail. To travel to the famous Ooty Mountain Trail around the world, not only the domestic but also the foreign travelers to invade the city.

Such an event has now attracted everyone’s attention. Grandson has come with his wife to fulfill the wishes of his great grandfather. What is the desire of the grandfather? What did you do on the train?

Ooty mountain train

As said above, mountain rail service is proud to boost popular fame around the world. It is customary to visit lakhs of passengers every year. During the season, the crowd is invited to travel. This is due to the mountain passage of Ooty train and the caves on the way. Particularly, this train has been run by steam engine for centuries.

Nilgiri Express

The mountain track and mountain rail service was set up by the British who had been in control of the country in 1908, in the name of the Queen of the Highlands. Ooty Mountain Train, named after the Nilgiri Express, is a historical monument that has been centuries old.

Mountain path

This mountain railway service is operated daily from Mettupalayam to Ooty. The train is about 46 kms away from Coonoor, Wellington, Arunangadu, Kathi and Lovdale. It is powered by steam engine from Mettupalayam to Coonoor and driven by a diesel engine.

Honeymoon on train

For many reasons, the famous Ooty Mountain Rail has now received a reputation. It is a surprise that the UK couple traveled on a hill from the hill station to their honeymoon.

UK couple Graham from the UK and Sylvia of Poland have recently been married. Usually, it is customary to get a honeymoon from home. However, England’s have chosen to take nutrition for their honeymoon. The main reason for this is the Mountain Railway. Do you know what kind of contact these mountain trains are for them?

This is the road of our grandfather ..! The British government took up this task with the British people who had lived in the niche to decide to run the mountain railroad from Mettupalayam a hundred years ago. The great grandfather of this UK white groom’s grandfather played a crucial role in shaping this path. We have not seen grandparents, we are celebrating the honeymoon of this famous mountain ride in the memory of our guests.

Do you know what the ticket price is?

It is an additional feature that only a single person can travel alone in this crowded mountain pass. Of course, they have purchased the entire railway tickets for 153 people. The ticket price is almost Rs 3 lakh. From the UK, Graham has come to the cemetery with the help of this train. Book your tickets in hotel and restaurants with Ooty Travels, Ooty Taxi service, Professional Holiday Tour Packages.

Moments around you since the advent of Mettupalayam, the caves coming in the mountainous path, sharing their experience of traveling through the cloud meetings and the trek to the valley and the valleys. Within days of staying in the hut, the family plans to turn to the UK after traveling around the tourist places such as the Boat House, the park, the tea gardens, and the doddabetta.

Traveling on the route From Mettupalayam to Ooty mountain passage, train stops are all part of the tourist spots. Among them are rare varieties of orchid flowers, colorful flower buds in Coonoor. The climate in Coonoor will always welcome us.


Wellington’s parking is important in the route of the mountain of the Ooty mountain. Around the area, the spiritual sites like Balasubramanya Temple, Jain Temple, Ayyappan Temple are located. The Wellington Lake, which is located in between the green forests, is a major tourist attraction.


The Krishna Church, the Rama Temple and the Rock Muneeswarar Temple are the best places to visit in Arunangadi. The Emerald Valley, near Arunangadu, is a popular tourist attraction.

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