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10 Best swimming goggles for open water & outdoor swimming 2018

Published / by Tim Wagner

If you are a swimming enthusiast, you probably know that a good pair of swimming goggles makes all the difference. Whether you are a greenhorn swimmer or even world class professional, you need the ones that will afford you top notch services. Here we reviewed some of the best swimming goggles for beginners.

The ones that allow you to clearly see while underwater at the same time protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Since there’re no one-size-fits-all swimming goggles, it can be hard to get the ones that fit perfectly and feel comfortable on your face. We have scoured the internet and put together the best goggles using different parameters including shape, comfort, fit, durability, and visibility.

Besides the goggles being unisex, they also have different lenses and some also feature adjustable nose bridges.

Best goggles for swimming laps

Speedo V-Class Mirror Goggles

These swimming goggles are meant to feel and look classy, comfortable, and premium thanks to the excellent packaging and modern sci-fi- mirrored lens. That notwithstanding, the manufacturer claims that the lenses are fitted with an anti-fog coating which makes visibility clear.

The other outstanding thing to note about them is the fact that they come with a large nose bridge which makes them comfortable. The rubber seal around the eyes is not only comfortable but also watertight which mean your eyes are protected from the chlorinated water.

As an added bonus, the pair also sports an adjustable band that easily assumes the shape of the head for comfort without entangling your hair.

Best swimming goggles for 6 year old

Olympic Nation Swim Goggles

Scoring a comfortable swim goggle can be hectic. After all, a great swimming experience is entirely pegged on how comfortable you are underwater. The Olympic Nation Swim Goggles is a top notch brand that is normally vouched for by many swimmers.

On top of having great positive reviews, the goggles are extremely comfortable thanks to the ability to adjust the specs to your size and comfort.

The Olympic Nation Swim Goggles lenses are UV coated to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and give you a clear vision. As if that’s not enough, they also have an anti-fog coating to reduce glaring or fog as you swim. To get rid of monotony, they also come in different colors to match your mood and preference.

Best goggles for outdoor swimming

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere Kayenne is another brand that elevates high quality and safety of swim goggle to another level.

They relentlessly protect your eyes from UV rays as they sport in scratch resistance lens. The lenses are also anti-fog and allow up to 180-degree visibility.

For comfort purposes, they come with a rubber gasket around the lens so you don’t have you worry about them pressing you or leaving “spiderman” lines on your face or even water seeping through. Still, on the comfort, the quick-fit buckle ensures that they can be adjusted to fit you well even when you are swimming.

Best goggles for open water swimming

Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles

Michael Phelps one of the biggest names in Olympic hall of fame created his swim goggles in a bid to help swimmers have an insane vision and super comfortable swim. The Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles don’t disappoint as they will allow you to have excellent underwater views.

The lenses feature anti-fog treatment, UV rays protection, anti-scratch treatment, and are curved all in a bid to underwrite better vision. They also come fitted with a rubber gasket that makes them watertight even for those deep end swims.

For comfort purposes, the goggles come in a choice of four different nose bridge sizes for that glove-like fit.  For the ladies, there are smaller female versions which only come in two colors pink and black.

Best goggles for competitive swimming

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

This is another safe and top-notch swim goggle that helps you gain more from your swimming sessions.

It gives you excellent UV protection thanks to the scratch resistant lens. On top of that, the lenses are wide enough to give you 180-degrees visibility without experiencing fogginess.

You will also appreciate the quick-fit buckle that allows the goggle to perfectly fit you.

Best prescription swimming goggles review

Reversible Swimming Cap and Swim Goggles

This goggle reduces tunnel vision thanks to the anti-blur and anti-fog treatment coupled with 180 degrees of vision.

Apart from your eyes being safe, swimming requires your hair be protected. The goggle sports a reversible swim cap to keep your hair intact.

The leak prevention technology is out of this world. The nose bridges and frames are covered with soft silicone that ensures your comfort at the same time creating a vacuum around your eyes.

Best anti fog swimming goggles

Speedo Vanquisher Mirrored Swim Goggles

The features of the swimming goggles should be a crucial factor to consider before buying a pair. The Speedo Vanquisher Swim Goggles are effective and unique swim goggles that come with magical features.

To ensure a precise fit, it features four interchangeable nosepieces for multiple facial structures. Besides this, the mirrored lenses also play an important role in reducing the glare. It also features a snug inner eye fit that keeps water at bay.

Best cheap swimming goggles

Pro Performance Swim Goggles

These goggles are what any swimming enthusiast would want. They come in an all-inclusive package that holds an earplug, nose clips, and a protective case.

The lenses are manufactured to meet all your needs be it clear vision, protect your eyes, and making swimming a better experience. It goes without saying that some of the paraphernalia in the package are so advanced which makes them ideal for veteran swimmers.

Best adult swimming goggles

SealBuddy PV10 Swim Goggles

This goggle makes use of soft and generously sized silicone gaskets that fit multiple face shapes without necessarily obstructing visibility.

Just like any other high-quality goggles, they feature UV-protective and anti-fog treatment for a better view.

As an added bonus, they also boast of optical grade high-density PVC lenses that are scratch resistant without affecting clear visibility.

Best triathlon swimming goggles

 Aqua Sphere XP2 Swimming Goggles

If you are strapped for cash or looking to reign in on your spending, this is a perfect match for you. Albeit cheap, it doesn’t compromise on the quality.

They feature windproof straps that ensure they are firmly anchored on your head. The wide lenses also afford you a panoramic vision at the same time keep water from seeping into your eyes.

One thing that is a letdown but not a deal breaker is the fact that they occasionally fog after an extended period. However, they are a good budget buy for people who hit the pool occasionally.

Final take

There you go. These are the 10 best swimming goggles that we would recommend you to try out. They are an excellent swimming companion that you can rely on whether you are a beginner or a professional swimmer. They are ideal for both males, females, and even kids. They give you a seamless and comfortable swimming experience thanks to the anti-leak gasket and fog-free lenses.  Go ahead and try out your favorite.

What other swimming goggles have we left out? Share in the comments section and we would love to hear your favorite.

Top 5 Best Small Coffee Machines in 2018

Published / by Tim Wagner

Top 5 Small Coffee Machines To Have In This New Year!

So, Are you looking for the small coffee maker in this new year?

Pretty good!

You are at the right place.

From the 16th century coffee rocks its taste and now in this New Year make coffee that anyone must say ‘it’s yummm….’

The best small coffee maker is especially for the espresso, cappuccino and macchiato lovers that will make quick coffee every time anytime you want.

Here, you can find best coffee/cappuccino machines reviews with its advantage and disadvantage that will help you in deciding which one to buy from many coffee machines available in the marketplace.

Let’s land to the review part of the Best 5 Coffee Machine.

  1. Tecnora Classico TCM 106 M – Best Cappuccino Espresso Maker

The best espresso and cappuccino maker from Tecnora brand.

This one is the best-selling on Amazon with the 4.4 customer ratings.

This coffee maker can make espresso and cappuccino both, and it can also offer you two espresso shot at a time.

The great two years of warranty so no need to worry about anything regarding quality.

Let me tell you that this one is the semi-automatic coffee maker and you have to adjust the strength of the brew manually.

The 15 bar electric pump for full flavor extraction and precision thermal block that will treat your coffee correctly with accurate temperature every time.

Get the café home with this best coffee machine as it pulls excellent espresso shots on just the one touch of the button.

Not only that you can also make creamy cappuccino or latte and yeah built-in steamer maker perfect frothing milk.

Brew more and more espresso…

It provides the 1.5-liter water capacity tank that is detachable. You can enjoy your coffee, cappuccino or latte without any hassle.

So, it is worth to invest in this small coffee maker as it has the most refreshing design and gives much more functionality than other big coffee makers.

This coffee maker was best suitable for the home use…and someone who needs one cup of cappuccino or espresso.

Now let’s see advantage and disadvantage of this coffee maker.


  • It brews perfectly!
  • Easy to use coffee machine and works great!
  • The excellent product which makes excellent coffee.
  • Affordable price tag.


The drip tray covers vibrate sometimes and cup start to slide, so you have to be careful while brewing coffee.

  1. Bodum Chambord best Coffee Maker – Best product on Amazon

The 2nd best small coffee maker is from Bodum brand, and you know what it is directly imported from the USA.

Sounds nice!

This one is the best seller piece of coffee maker on Amazon with the 4.7 customer ratings which is considered to be a high quality and service.

The Chambord coffee maker brews the premium cup of coffee in just a four minutes, all you have to do is just only one tap of the button.

The coffee carafe is made from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and BPA free plastic handle and base.

The rich compact design offers users an easy cleaning and handling of this best coffee machine.

The plunger made from stainless steel body with the mesh filter that extracts your coffee’s aromatic oils (subtle flavors) rather than being absorbed by a paper filter.

For coffee enthusiasts, this one is the best-preferred coffee maker as it allows the maximum flavor of coffee at each cup.

Now, have a look at some of the advantage and disadvantage of this small pretty cool coffee maker.


  • Great quality French press.
  • Removal of a part is easy that makes it easy to clean.
  • Coffee can be adjusted as per your taste.


The plunger is not going down completely it stays almost 1 inch up.

  1. Morphy Richards Fresco 4 Cup Best Coffee Maker – For Office And Home Use.

The 4 cup coffee maker by Morphy Richards.

Fresco is the 3rd most best coffee maker that I am going to review.

This black colored 4 cup coffee maker offers milk frothing, drip tray, glass carafe and overheat protection.

The excellent temperature indicator dial and two years of product warranty is such a great deal!

This one is the powerful and quick coffee maker requires 8oo watts of power and 250 max volts of operating voltage.

Powerful and quick coffee maker is the must-have item in your kitchen, it offers you the delicious coffee in no time.

Add creamy froth to your favorite cappuccino with this electricity saver coffee machine.

This one is the best coffee maker for home and office use.

Yes, some of the coffee may drip in drip day, but it is easily cleanable, so it is not the big issue at all.

Handy features let you choose the ‘your taste’ type of the coffee.

The attractive glass carafe that collects the coffee and I must say this feature performs an excellent job of filtering extracts.

Enjoy the smoothest and convenient coffee with Morphy Richards Fresco coffee machine.

Now, jump to advantage and disadvantage of the cappuccino maker.


  • The value for money product.
  • Good built quality.
  • Offers you fresh coffee that is much better than the instant one.
  • Serves 4 cups of coffee at a time.
  • Light weigh and compact design.
  • Impressive temperature control.


Froth capacity is not as better as the pressure is not enough.

  1. Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206 Drip Coffee Maker – For Salon, Small Office And Home Use.

Great… Great… Great…

Yeah, the 4th one is Caffemio TCM 206 from the Tecnora brand.

The best part of it is it offers up to 12 cups of coffee in a day! Amazing, right?

The 1.8 – liter water capacity with nylon (x1) and stainless steel (x2) filters that help in varying strength of brewed coffee.

The great multi-filter system of Caffeine is great for your home, small office, and salon.

Whether you want solid coffee for your home of the perfect coffee for your customer, the Caffemio TCM 206 is all set!

Three separate filters for the perfect coffee experience.

The Nylon filter for a large quantity of mild coffee, stainless filter for a significant amount of strong coffee and small stainless steel filter for that onw or two cups of coffee without compromising the strength of your coffee.

The exclusive pulse water delivery system makes delicious and plentiful and intense coffee because the hot water that released in pulses on the coffee ground instead of continuous flow.

After the brewing is complete and the water tank is empty, the hot plate on which the carafe is placed continues to heat the carafe and keep the coffee warm until switched off completely.

You might know this that it is great for making black or green tea as well.

The perfect and best solution for the small enterprise.


  • Great product with excellent product manual.
  • Makes quick black coffee.
  • You don’t have to stand for the switch it off after brewing as it automatically goes into warm mode.


The plastic material it is but you get what you pay for.

  1. Zojirushi Automatic Electric Coffee Maker – Best Seller On Amazon.

The last best coffee maker from the Zojirushi is Zojirushi  EC-GAQ-40-TA.

This one is the best-selling coffee maker with the 4.7 customer rating on Amazon.

Since 1918 this automatic electric coffee machine made in Japan rocks the cups of daily coffee.

This best coffee machine of 2018 offers removable water tank and the charcoal water filter which lasts up to 2 years.

It brews 4 cups of coffee at a time and keeps it warm.

The brown colored best coffee maker has a 540ml capacity of coffee.

It takes 650 watts of power and 220 volts for operating.

Keep in mind that you need an adapter for plug it in because the plug it has may not be available everywhere.

Other than that this one is the best product for everyone.


  • Excellent product with smart design.
  • Performance is at top notch!
  • Worth every penny of yours and such a great price.


You have to find the adapter to plug in it.


If you are still confused about which coffee machine is best then just read below:

If you want home use coffee maker, then go for Tecnora Classico best cappuccino maker.

If you need a coffee maker for multiple uses like(home, small office, salon, another small enterprise) then Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206 is the best choice for you.

All in one, the best for everyone the Zojirushi Automatic Electric coffee maker I would recommend it to anyone.

If you want more information then check out

Best Office Coffee Maker Reviews & Buying Guide

Published / by Tim Wagner

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Office Coffee Maker

Given a wide variety of coffee makers out there in the market, finding one you need can be not only a daunting task but also mind boggling. To bail you out from such bustle, all you need is careful planning and analysis.

It’s possible to identify one by taking into account the following helpful points. So, what exactly are the types of coffee machines out there plus their unique suits to your needs? My well-researched review has it for you.

Type Of Coffee Maker

You need to know what type of coffee you want to prepare. Once you identify what you need, you can choose from many types of coffee machines in the market including regular brewers, drip models, those that can make cappuccino and espressos, percolators and thermal carafe’.

You need to identify too your specific needs for a satisfactory choice because most in the market will come with variant confusing features even though they serve the same purpose.

Time And Ease To Use

Time being an important factor, you need a coffee machine that takes minimum time to steam and brew the best-desired quality taste conveniently. This can also be complemented by identifying one that you can easily use through learning additional product usage guidelines in the user manual.

Check coffee makers with options to pause in the process of making coffee for any adjustment to quantity or quality of coffee you need.

Machine Quality Versus Cost

Cost is obviously a critical factor you need to check on, but it should not restrict your ability to acquire a quality coffee maker. Don’t restrict yourself to the initial cost too but also to monthly associated costs of maintaining your machine to run normally.

If you are interested in getting a coffee maker that brews cappuccino or espressos, a relatively cheaper pod machine could work best for you.

Bunn coffee makers or instant vending filter machines are not expensive too, not to forget maintenance of your coffee maker will determine long run cost cuts on replacements and repairs. This, in the end, will resultantly save your time.

The anticipated number of cups of coffee per a day a coffee machine can handle will equally be proportionate to its cost element.

Capacity And Quality Of Coffee

The number of cups of coffee per day to suit your needs is a very vital factor. If you are the type that will need large volumes of coffee, choose automatic dripping machines or specialty ones.

If you are that one person who might need coffee drinking throughout the day, it’s important you consider those models with carafe or mugs, accompanied with insulators to help keep the coffee tasting good and stay at the required temperature.

It’s equally important to note that the quality of coffee needed entirely depends on one’s needs and preferences, therefore using coffee makers in the appropriate way will determine the quality of coffee too expected.

Occupying Space

The space the coffee maker will occupy is a factor to consider. Whether a small apartment, recreational vehicle or office. You don’t need a coffee machine that will take much of your needed space. If your kitchen or office isn’t palatial, you may need an electric French press.


This will become useful in case you experience in-built malfunction of your coffee maker or further additional information on best product usage.

Check coffee makers offering the longest warranty beyond the regular one-year period, more especially if you are buying a more expensive coffee machine. Check on the credibility and certification of your coffee maker for reliability.

Best Coffee Makers:

Bunn BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

Coffee tastes good when it is hot. The Bunn BT coffee maker ensures it is hot and stays hot. It makes a great cup of coffee that you will think about the whole day.

It is fast and quick. Its maintenance is easy because cleaning the coffee maker is quite simple. You can place it in the dishwasher without any worries of it spoiling. The coffee maker has an amazing quality making it durable or rather last long enough.

Insulated Thermal Carafe

The thermal carafe is double wall vacuumed and insulated to coffee warm for hours. If you want to take your coffee after some time, you will still find it warm.

Internal Water Tank

The internal water tank is made of stainless steel to keep the water heated to optimal brewing temperature and not below or above the required heating temperature.

Spray Head Design

The spray head is greatly designed to improve coffee-flavor extraction. The spray head also ensures that coffee flavor extraction is even and complete.


The coffee make is fast enough to quickly brew 4-10 cups of coffee in only three minutes saving you a lot of time you could have used making one cup of coffee at a time.

Cuisinart DGB-900Bc Grind Brew Thermal 12-cup Automatic Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart grind brew coffee maker is the best coffee maker you’ve ever had, and you’ll ever own. It is much better than any other model of coffee maker.

It is a 24-hour programmable coffee maker.The coffee is always hot at any given time. You can pause and sneak a mid cup brew because it possesses a unique brew-pause function. You are also able to make any coffee you see fit for your day.

Charcoal Water Filter

The charcoal water filter works with the permanent gold tone filter to ensure that only the freshest coffee flavor flows through. The charcoal water filter also removes impurities.

Strength Selector

The coffee maker comes with a strength selector that allow for choosing from strong, medium or mild coffee. It enables you to have your strong coffee that you are used.

Burr Grinder

The coffee maker has a built-inburr grinder which automatically grinds the coffee beans before brewing.

Grind Control Function

The coffee maker has a grind control function that makes it easy to program the amount of coffee to grind for the right number of cups you want.

Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10-cup Home Coffee Brewer

Bunn has always been on the top of the line. It has always been a popular coffee brewer among many people who love coffee. There nothing comparable to a hot brew in just 2 minutes. The coffee tastes much better when brewed using this machine.

It gives you the need to want coffee every time because of it being quick and making delicious coffee. The coffee is always hot. During cold weather the coffee maker is all you need because just a sip of hot coffee makes you feel warm.

Easy Set Up

The coffee maker comes with a manual that has instructions on how to assemble the different parts together to make up the coffee maker.

Easy To Use

The coffee maker’s design in simple and cool. It doesn’t have a lot of buttons to confuse you. It comes with a manual that has instructions on how to use it.


Bunn GRB Velocity coffee brewer brews coffee in only two minutes saving you a lot of time. No more waiting hours for your cup of coffee to be ready.

Steel Carafe

The carafe is made of stainless steel and insulated to keep the coffee hot for a good number of hours.

Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Who would want to have a tasteful cup of coffee for refreshment in the morning? This coffee maker is a masterpiece and has the world’s most advanced design and technology. It’s a good example of revolutionized coffee makers.

Dispenses One Cup At A Time

The coffee maker by Cuisinart is a one of a kind that dispenses one cup at a time. I always enjoy having to press the lever to fill my cup. Drinking coffee has totally been made easy thanks to this amazing brand.

Removable Water Reservoir

The coffee maker has a water reservoir that is very easy to remove and return. I always find it very easy to refill the water tank and whenever I want to clean the water reservoir it’s very easy too. I just love this amazing coffee maker brand.

Double-Wall Coffee Reservoir

The coffee maker has a double-wall coffee reservoir that can hold 12 5 oz. cups of coffee. The double wall makes the coffee maker to have the required strength needed for holding coffee cups. I find this feature as very ideal.

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

I have this thing for elegant items and even when am choosing my coffee maker I always ensure that it will blend perfectly with my interior décor. The Cuisinart coffee maker brand also has thrilling features which make it cool.

Built In An Automatic Burr Grinder

The coffee maker has a built-in automatic burr grinder that is used for grinding coffee beans. So it doesn’t restrict an individual to ground coffee ingredients. At least one can use the available ingredient for brewing the coffee.

Gold Tone Filter

I always love coffee makers that have gold tone filters that allow only the best quality and flavored coffee passes through it. I get the freshest most tasteful quality coffee whenever I use this Cuisinart coffee maker model.

Holds Up To 12 Cups

Unlike other coffee makers brand which can hold less number of cups, this amazing coffee maker can hold up to 12 coffee cups which is very impressive. I find it very handy since it doesn’t require continuous coffee cup removal.

Brew Pause Feature

Whenever you want to stop the coffee maker from brewing more coffee prematurely, all you need to do is to press the pause button, and the brewing stops. I love this feature because I can just brew the exact amount of coffee that I need at that particular time.

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12 Cup Programmable Thermal Brewer (Black)

Another masterpiece by Cuisinart that gives the perfect and contenting coffee quality for your enjoyment. It transforms coffee brewing to a new tasteful level that will always leave you wanting for more.

Patented Brew Through And Pour Through Lid

The coffee maker is tightly closed to keep air away from entering through the inner parts. Thus, it makes the coffee maker to retain the freshness and hotness of the brewed coffee for a longer time duration.

Instruction Booklet Included

The instruction booklet is always handy especially to the beginners who don’t have any idea on how the coffee maker operates. With the dos and don’ts, I was able to know that it’s important to always clean the valve on a regular basis to avoid the pause button from sticking.


The coffee maker is made using a stainless steel material that makes the coffee maker easy to clean. One thing I love about stainless steels is they are stain free so am sure that my coffee maker will have no stains at all.

Size Dimensions

With an impressive 13 x 17 x 10 inches, this coffee maker takes a very small counter space. It’s always very easy to store it whenever it’s not in use since it fits most of the shelves too.

Cuisinart DCC1200R Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Red

Usually, the best way to start a day is by having a cup of tasty, rich quality coffee that will refresh our moods and minds. And the Cuisinart DCC1200R coffee maker will give you the best coffee.


The coffee maker is made using stainless steel and glass which gives it the sophisticated look it has. I love its vibrant color combination that makes it noticeable and eye appealing. A perfect design to match any interior décor.

Charcoal Water Filter

The coffee maker has a charcoal filter that is used for sieving out any impurities and particles within the water. So that it can give some of the best tasting coffee for you every day.

Audible Beep

After the coffee maker has finished brewing the coffee, it produces an audible beep that indicates that the coffee brew has ended. The beep is very handy since one can know when the coffee is ready.

Compact Design

The coffee maker has a compact design that makes it very easy to store since it can fit most of the shelves. Plus it occupies very little space on the counter tops. Plus it can easily be transported especially if one is going for a road trip.