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5 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit for Your Business

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Regardless of the type of your business and its size, having enough space in your office or store is always a good thing. Even if you have a retail shop, you don’t want your store to be packed with your merchandise so you, your employees, and even customers can barely move about.

An office that is full of desks, chairs, cabinets, and other items doesn’t look appealing and formal as well. Additionally, it will be a source of constant annoyance to everyone in the office and your customers or clients. In fact, you may end up losing your patrons simply because you are not paying attention to your growing spatial requirements.

If you want to start decluttering and free up space in your business premises, renting one or two storage units with 24-hour access is your best option. This is because a storage unit rental can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Stowing unused or seasonally used furniture and appliances

It can be hard to throw away your old, unusable expensive furniture and equipment. After all, you invested a lot when you purchased them. If you’re still keeping them around to have them repaired or you have other possible uses for them in the future, to free up space in your office or shop, store them in a self-storage unit first.

In case you have a lot of furniture pieces and equipment that you only use during certain months or peak seasons, reclaim precious space by putting these items in your storage unit when they are not needed. Once the need comes, you can then bring out these items again.

  1. Storing products or supplies

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar shop or an online one or both, you always need to have a stock of your merchandise or supplies. You also need to have storage space for your excess inventory.

All these items can easily exceed the available space within your store or home (if you have an online shop).  Therefore, a storage unit is the best place to keep the extra merchandise you have that may be threatening to overcrowd your shop and/or home.

  1. Keeping important documents safe and out of the way

All businesses have their own sets of valuable, confidential records and documents. Even if you keep them under lock and key, a wooden cabinet won’t keep them completely safe in case of a fire, flood, and other environmental issues.

Self-storage units are more secure and safer than the cabinets in your office or store. They are constructed in a way that everything they are housing is less likely to be damaged by water, fire, humidity, and other environmental factors.

Additionally, by storing your sensitive and confidential records in a storage unit, you will secure them from prying eyes or potential burglars.

  1. Using it for temporary storage during relocation or renovation

If you will be transferring your office or shop and you can’t move all your inventory just yet, you will avoid a lot of stress and hassle by placing them temporarily in a self-storage unit.

Renting a storage unit is also a great option if you are currently having your premises renovated. With all the furniture, equipment, and merchandise out of your office or shop, your contractors will have a less difficult time doing their job and completing the project. You will also find it easier to imagine the new layout and design of your workspace once it is emptied of its contents.

  1. Managing inventory

Storing your inventory of supplies, furniture pieces, and equipment is a good way to start organizing them if you weren’t particular about doing this before.

Prior to moving your items, it is a good practice to create an inventory. By following the right packing and storing strategies, you can then organize all these items properly and efficiently in the storage unit.

Your inventory list and proper organization of items will ensure you know where everything is. In addition, it will help you be aware of supplies that you may be running low on and which you have to replenish immediately.

As long as you choose a self-storage facility that offers 24-hour access, you can get anything you need from your unit anytime. You can replace or put any item in your unit whenever you want to as well.

By selecting a facility that offers 24/7 video surveillance, temperature or humidity settings, and individual locks and alarms, you will be 100 percent certain your company’s possessions are safe and secure all the time.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Walls

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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Walls:

Paint comes in various textural options, finishes and latex or bases. It is important to use the best quality products on your walls to ensure the best results. If you think you can handle the work hire professional to take care of your home interior painting, but if you have got what it takes to paint the whole house, invest some muscles in and do it.

Following are the different kinds of paints to choose from for awesome looking home.

Latex Paint:

Latex is the most commonly used paint type. It is preferred over the other paint types because of its distinguishing durability and easy to clean finish. Latex let in the oxygen more than oil paint which prevents it from chipping a breathing paint works better on the walls which are prone to inside moisture.

The shades which are offered in the latex are more fade resistant so a color stays intact for a longer period of time.

Latex blisters less because it allows the moisture to let out.

Since the product is designed to breathe, it is best for most parts of the house like concrete walls and cement floors.

Oil-based paints:

Oil paints are best to apply to the wood and wood-based trimmings. You can use it on the doors, staircases, porches, door trimmings, built in cupboards attic and other areas which need to be prevented from moistures.

The product is designed to provide the best resistance against the moisture so it is recommended to be used as a sealer on areas which are prone to moisture.

Oil blisters a lot because of its moisture-resistant nature, but the same feature can be used in our favor as well. Choose the right surface to apply the paint on.

Oil-based paints take longer to dry so keep in mind that you will require more drying time if you are applying oil-based paint all over the house. IKNOWTHEBEST product review site consists of similar other home based improvement techniques and ideas.


A basic rule of painting is, the glossier the paint the easier it is to clean. Paints which have more sheen are the best to use in a room where the traffic is heavy, for example, if you have to paint a common playroom where kids come to play, applies paint with a glossier finish so that you can wipe a stain out with the help of soap and sponge. It is recommended to apply the glossier paints in the kitchen and walking garage where the risk of grease stains is more.

The wall has to be perfect and flawless to apply a glossier paint as the gloss is notorious to highlight the uneven surfaces in the wall.

Rather than applying a sheer paint on complete walls, apply it only on the trims or half of the wall; half sheen will complement the whole house; a royal combination is white latex and gold sheen.


It’s another good option for the kitchens and bathrooms and those trims you want to highlight. These kinds of paints have satiny touch and are the best choice if you don’t like the dullness of latex or the shine of the gloss paints. Again it can also be cleaned without much effort because of a smooth semi-oil-based coverage.

Matte paints:

A wall which has a lot of imperfections can be camouflaged with a good matte paint. Usually, one coat of the flat or matte paint is enough to provide a good coverage of the flaws or stains.

A huge flaw in the mate or flat finish paint is its dissolvability. The substance is water solvent so It cannot be washed with water in case of staining. However, it is cheaper than all of the paint options available and you can apply a second coat to cover the stains and marks.

A matte is softer to touch, it provides a velvety finish to the walls and the best thing to do will be to apply a combination of matte and latex to your walls.

Once paint is applied, its smell might be irritating the residers. It can be avoided by making use of the best air purifiers for home.

Color guide for you:

Take your time to select the shade for your interior. It is not essential to color every wall with the same shade but it’s important to select shades which complement each other. Make the most of the thousands of color options given by the painting brands, buy a quart and do a little part of the wall. Check how the color is appearing in terms of shade and texture.

If you intend to sell your property, the best go-to shades are pale whites and greys. The whites are the best to apply color on as they provide a nice subtle base to every other shade.

The exterior should be painted with the greys so that the staining can be avoided. Professional exterior painters mostly work with pale greys to cover the stains and marks.

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Should I Fix or Replace Roof Before Selling my Home?

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Getting your home ready to sell requires a lot of complicated decisions about upgrades.
One of the most pivotal and sometimes most expensive upgrades may be to your roof.
Roofing repairs can be some of the most costly expenses in home renovation, but a
damaged roof is often a major deterrent for buyers. If your roof has seen better days, you might be on the fence about whether or not to just replace it. Here are four questions to ask in order to determine if repairing or replacing the roof is a better option.

Which Repairs Are Needed?

A roof that is not overly old and still happens to be in great condition probably does not
need to be replaced (or repaired) at all. However, sometimes there are problems lurking just under the surface that might make your home look really bad after a home inspection.

Take some time to inspect your roof, and request an expert’s opinion as well. When you
know you have a few issues with the roof, get a good sense for what they are. Asphalt
shingles that are shedding granules like there’s no tomorrow are reaching the end of their lifespan. However, a few missing shingles of a variety of materials might be pretty easy to repair without the additional expense of a new roof. If there really are no repairs that need to be made, cleaning the roof can go a long way in making it look up-to-date.

Is Repair Easier With Replacement?

Some problems, like leaks around the chimney flashings, could be fixed without having
to pull up all the shingles at once. Others might necessitate a replacement as a matter of practicality.

It is a common practice to place a new layer of asphalt shingles on top of the old ones. If you have a lot of damage in one spot of the home, however, you would have to pull up all lower layers in order to address it. A significant, long-term leak may also need repairs or replacement for the decking underneath the roof, which would make replacement more sensible.

How Long Will the Current Roof Last?

All parts of the home have a specific lifespan, and the longevity of the roof depends on
the material. The least expensive option, asphalt, can last from 10–25 years. Tile and slate will last much longer, but they are prone to breaking. Metal can maintain pretty much forever, especially if it is newer. Consider how long you have had the roof, and look at how well the repair can make the roof look seamless. You might want to repair a roof that is only a few years old, but if the replacement will show an obvious patch, it will turn off buyers when they drive up. If the roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, you might get a bigger benefit from replacement.

What Is Your Budget?

Of course, the idea to make something look new could lead you to spend tens of
thousands of dollars you don’t actually have or lead you to fall into the trap of several
common home selling myths, so your budget and timeline must also come into
consideration. The roof is an important aspect of the home.

If it is in bad shape, it will come up in the buyer’s inspection, and the buyer will probably ask you to make some repairs or replace it. If you need a new roof, and you can find money in your budget for it, you can predict about a 70 percent return on the investment in a higher resale value.

You probably never imagined that selling a home could cost so much money, but repairs and replacement have a specific purpose in the home selling process. By understanding when you should replace your roof, and when you can reasonably have it repaired, you can minimize wasted money and increase your home’s value.