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At the beginning of each class, the whole theory is required to implement the proposed procedures. At the end of the semester, knowledge is evaluated by a personal practice choice. You can find the advantages of learning AutoCAD. Carefully study, if you have any questions, ask the teacher who teaches this subject.

Main notes of the curriculum

  1. AutoCAD System: Appointment, Version, Features. Program interface: ribbon, panels, tabs. Integration system, graphic areas and command line. Drawing: Development, Security, Innovation. Set up automatically. Files in AutoCAD Measurement units.
  2. Graphic excellence in AutoCAD. 
    Work with a screenshot. Management: Enter commands, cancel the wrong commands and repeat. Work in a section: Specify points, enter coordinates, circle, bow, point, spin, ellipse. The development of complex graphic nobles: polygon and rectangle. Polyline. Dimensional construction.
  3. Drawing and setting up. 
    Drawing Methods Working: Theoretical, objective bonding, the polar surveillance of the angles, monitoring the object details.
  4. Work with things. 
    The selection of objects. Author of commands. The way to edit pens
  5. Properties of objects. Layers. 
    The main properties of objects. Working with Layers: Development, Appointment. Layer Management: Commands. Ways to edit layered properties.
  6. Shading work. 
    Types of chicks. Design and shadow properties. Editing hacking.
  7. The blocks work. 
    Development and editing unit. Insert Black. Library Development. Control Center.
  8. Integration systems. 
    Working with integration mode: Save sight, rotate, reservation and checklists.
  9. Text works. 
    Types of books: single line and multi-line. Text style development. Multiple text text editor.
  10. Sizes work. 
    Dimensional style development. Dimension. Group dimensional tools. Special sizes. Properties and size editing.
  11. Printing features. 
    Space Concept: Samples and sheet. Transition between model and sheet spaces. Setting sheet parameters. Sheet tools. The growth of the audience. Image size. Lock display screens. Stacks in sheet space. Annotative. Sheet option. Print styles to print and print output.

Our students’ works:

Exercises   A short professional circle of AutoCAD beginners requires: Engineers, designers and designers are interested in improving their skills, as a result, their importance and inevitability in the labor market. The Autocad training design provides measurements with the most accurate and accurate scalability and the ability to have the system.

Construction Engineer, Santo Autonomous University. Graphic and parameter version. Analyze the types and components of different sections. Volume 2: Geometric design of roads. Definition of the structure geolocation. Create a horizontal layout. Localization and parts splitting using “packets” tool An explanation of how the program works Define the design elements in the program’s program and understand how they design and design a design model. UI calculate the volume between topographic surfaces.

Detailed AutoCAD Course Information

Generation of section sites. Ed. Objectives parking surfaces design. Surface Generation. Formation. Cut or collision analysis of maps and components. Component libraries. Calculate the size of the land movement on the areas. Determination of plant tube and structures. Application. The use of functional taxes. Surfaces. Introduction to Sheet Manager. Its structure and job review. Creating areas of the circular surface and walkways Styles. Building site projects and profiles. Data mining codes. Ed. Ponds and other surfaces are not from the road or canal.

Designing network elements in profile displays. Objectives Create plans and create sewage network models to produce more accurate and efficient plans. Training videos offered by the instructor You need to provide some resources to the instructor.

Know why this solution is still in the field of electricity and automation. This solution provides increased productivity, low errors, redefining tasks, information audit, reporting and safe sharing of information. The logical choice for wiring maps and group structure.

After completion of the training class, the graduate has given an official certificate to confirm his knowledge level. For more details visit AutoCAD training center in coimbatore.

Information about AutoCAD courses:

We all teach the Autocad training, designed to design the possibilities for automating processes for designing and designing design documents. The main purpose of AutoCAD is to create various subjects. This project may be required in all areas of design. Therefore, teachers in training in Moscow can be useful to experts in different places.

Reducing, scraping, duplicating and specific commands to remove components or chains. Easily moves or regulates and saves time by drill.

Time loss with manual counting wiring is a matter of the past, as well as the inherent errors of this process. Design based numbers and tags, design or other specification changes are automatically assigned a suffix to ensure their uniqueness along with other objects in the schema. If this fails, the program searches for free space searches and draws a display line.

AutoCAD Trained Skills:

After receiving the automatic training exercise, the interior items can be designed – armchairs, chairs, cabinets, etc., to create plans of various mechanisms (bolts from full assembly planes), and even create circuit drawings. In our course, the 2009 Independence Training is an opportunity to get high quality self-learning lessons, learn how to learn the basics of the program and apply it in practice. The training in the automation program is based on the method of actively engaging in a complete student learning process using high quality, continuously updated teaching materials.



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