Aptitude for Automobiles: 4 Savvy Shopping Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

Your first time shopping for a new car can be exciting, but it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. You want to find the right car and get the best deal along the way, but that can be tricky when you’ve never negotiated with a car salesperson before. Try these four savvy shopping tips to improve your car-buying experience.


Email Multiple Dealerships for Quotes

When you know the car you want, see which dealerships in your area have it, and then email them asking for a price quote instead of going in. This way, you avoid any of those high-pressure sales tactics and can instead see which dealer is willing to offer you the best deal. You can also go back and forth with dealers, mentioning better offers to see if they will match or beat them.

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Negotiate the Price First

The first thing you want to figure out is the purchase price of the car. Don’t let a salesperson convince you to negotiate your financing, warranty or the price of a trade-in before you’ve set a price. What will end up happening is you’ll pay a higher purchase price. Decide the purchase price, and then move on to talking about financing (if you’re getting that through the dealer), warranties, how much your trade-in is worth and other details.

Don’t Be Afraid to Lowball

Before you go in to the dealership, look up the invoice price of the car you’re interested in. This is how much the dealer needs to pay for it. When you start your negotiations, go low – you can even suggest a price barely above that invoice price. This is a technique called anchoring. By initially offering a very low price, you can then offer a reasonable amount and it will look much better in comparison. You’re essentially working your up from that low price instead of down from the retail price.

Work with the Dealership during Negotiations

Working with a dealership like Audi Brooklyn or someone similar can be a great way to get a great car, but it can take tact. Although you want to get the best deal, that’s not going to happen if you’re too stubborn and approach negotiations as a life-or-death struggle. Know when to give a little bit so that you and the salesperson can come to an agreement.

Be patient as you look for your new car and never feel like you need to make a deal. Your strongest negotiating tactic is being able to walk away at any time. Use that and the above tips to score a bargain on your next ride.