Advanced Beauty care treatments in Australia

The world has moved away from beauty and anti-ageing treatments that required painful surgical procedures and extended downtime to quick and effective treatments based on cutting edge technologies. Today, most beauty aesthetic processes are completed in less than an hour and the patient resumes normal life almost immediately after. These machines harness the power of light and sound energy to painlessly complete beauty processes.

Importantly, beauty treatments are very affordable and quite within the reach of the common person now. This is the reason why the industry in recent years has grown exponentially. In Australia today, beauty salons and spas offer optimised beauty treatments to patrons on machines that are technologically superior to anything seen before.

What then are some of the advanced beauty care treatments offered at salons and spas in Australia?

Permanent hair removal

This treatment is very popular in Australia simply because the alternatives – regular shaving, waxing and using epilators – are tedious and painful. In IPL laser hair removal, a handset that emits beams of laser light is directed at the area under treatment. The rays enter the surface of the skin and targets melanin which is the hair colour pigment situated at the root of the follicle. Melanin absorbs the light energy and is destroyed along with the hair follicle. A number of sessions are required for complete and permanent hair removal.

Even though IPL and laser are talked about in the same breath, there is a subtle difference in the two technologies. The light from an IPL machine is spread out like an incandescent light while laser machines throw concentrated beams of light which are more powerful. IPL works best on light skin and dark hair while laser is good for all skin types and hair colour.

All permanent hair removal processes are safe and painless. However salons and spas have to ensure that the best quality machines are installed only as it is a matter of their clients’ well being. A sub-par machine handled by untrained technicians can result in burns and injuries to the client. A clinic with an IPL hair removal machine by Universal Medical Aesthetics need not worry in this regard. The company is one of the leading importers and distributors of beauty equipment in Australia and source their machines from top manufacturers around the world only.

Lip injections

There are several reasons why a woman would want to opt for lip fillers, the primary one being that full lips with a well defined lip line add a touch of glamour to the looks. However, it is always advisable to go to a top of the line beauty clinic with trained and experienced cosmetologists and technicians. Lip injections that go wrong can terribly affect the looks. To be sure, book an appointment at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre and get professional and optimised treatments. Only the best fillers like Restylane, Ultra XC, Juvederm and Volbella are used here and hence you can be sure of the results.

Skin rejuvenation

This is another area that has made rapid strides in Australia due to introduction of advanced beauty care equipment. Laser and IPL machines are used here too along with permanent hair removal. Procedures for skin rejuvenation include elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, removal of scars, birth spots and coffee marks as well as anti-ageing processes such as tightening loose and flabby facial skin.

Laser beams go below the surface of the skin and activate production of collagen and elastin which are important for a smooth and young looking skin.

These are some of the latest and most advanced beauty care treatments available in Australia.