7 Tips on How to Make a Successful Video

Video marketing is taking up a huge portion of the consumer traffic. The statistics show that landing pages that have videos tend to yield a higher conversion rate. Therefore, if you want to have success in your online marketing campaign, you must learn how to make a compelling video that will make people want to take action. The following are 7 tips on how to make a successful video.

  1. Provide Values in Video

When creating a video, you want to focus on providing values for your customers. Your viewers can be annoyed if your video only center on your brand. You can use stories that relate to your brand to connect to the viewers. Stories can help the audience to understand what product you are offering. Using a real-life story for your video can stir up emotion and generate a lot of actions from the audience.

Another way to provide value in the video is to educate the viewers. You can teach the audience something that is related to the product/service you are offering. Your brand can quickly rise to the top if you frequently create educational videos to share with your customers. You can also make a video that showcases your customer giving testimonials about your products.

  1. Include Call to Action (CTA) in Video

You should always include a call to action in your video. The call to action can be something like subscribe to a channel, check out other videos, follow us and etc. You can put a call to action at in the beginning, middle or end of the video. Statistics show that most of the clicks come from call to actions that are placed at the video end. However, the call to actions put in the middle of the video get the highest conversion rate. Best WiFi Routers For Gaming, Home, Office are useful for providing continuous internet connection anywhere and also can control the WiFi enabled devices.

  1. Keep the Video Short

It is important to always keep the marketing video short and straight to the point. Ideally, you should keep the video length within 10 seconds. The audience can only give your video limited attention so you must make the best use of the first few seconds. When the video start, you must tell the audience what the video is about and why it is worthwhile for the audience to spend their time to watch your video. You can give a short preview at the start to entice the viewers to keep on watching until the end.

  1. Upload a Relevant Video Thumbnail

You should upload a relevant thumbnail to go along with your video. The thumbnail must grab the interest of the audience to view your video. The video thumbnail must tell the audience what to expect in the video. For example, if you are making a recipe video, you can show a thumbnail of yourself cooking the recipe.

  1. Optimize Your Video

You must optimize your marketing video for the search engine so that people can find it easily. Before uploading to a video sharing site, make sure you upload it to your site first. You must also make the embedding URL available so that people can embed it on their site to help spread the words. Doing so will help you to get more inbound links to your video. You must not forget to write an SEO description for your video. The description allows the spider to understand what your video content is about. In addition, you must tag the video with relevant keywords. 

  1. Breaking the Video Recording into Parts

If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to record the whole video in one shot. It is easier for you to break the video into several recordings. For example, you may spend a few minutes recording the intro. Then, after rehearsing, you record yourself narrating the actual video content in a separate video. Breaking your video into several recordings prevent silence parts in between.

It will save you a lot of time in cutting away these silence parts when you play it back. To merge the video parts, you will have to use an easy-to-use video joiner like Movavi Video Editor. When the software launch, you simply drop all the video clips parts into the timeline. If there is a clip in the wrong sequence, you can use a mouse cursor to drag it to the correct sequence. When you are done, you simply press the Export button to save the merged video file. 

  1. Make a Video Engaging Even Without Sound

You must make a video that is engaging even without sound. The video must have some enticing visuals so that the customer will be stirred up to take action even if he did not turn on the speaker. Besides, you can put colorful captions and add subtitles to make the video interesting for silent viewers. The video can also be customized with a soothing song so that the customers’ mood will be lifted when they turn on the speaker. In the video editor, you can add a music file to the video clip by dropping it on the audio track. You can determine how long the song should play in the video by dragging the edge of the audio file in the timeline.

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