4 Rules of the Road to Remember When Driving on the Highway


Highways are ideal for those who like to travel at high speeds or don’t like to stop at intersections.

However, it is important to know and understand the rules of the road no matter which kind of road you happen to be traveling on.

What should you always be aware of when driving on the highway?

The Left Lane Is for Passing Only

If the car in front of you is driving slower than you would like, be sure to use the left lane to pass. Once you have passed a vehicle, get back into the right lane whenever it is safe to do so. This helps to maintain a steady flow of traffic, which may reduce the odds that you are involved in an accident. If someone is tailgating your vehicle, it may also be best to get into the other lane to let that person pass you.

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Move Over for Emergency Vehicles If Possible

When you see a police car or ambulance in the shoulder of the highway, move over if it is safe to do so. This allows police or emergency personnel to do their job without having to divide their attention between helping the public and looking out for traffic. In many states, it is illegal to not move over if you have the chance to do so.

Trucks Should Never Exceed the Speed Limit

While no vehicle should exceed the speed limit, it can be especially dangerous for a large truck to do so. This is because they take up more space on the highway, and a simple tire blowout could cause it to hit cars in multiple lanes. The same may happen when a truck hits a patch of ice or otherwise is going too fast for the driver to maintain control.

Drive Defensively to Prevent Accidents

Like any other driver on any other road type, those on the highway may be tempted to drive too fast, drive when tired or drive while eating or changing the radio station. These all increase the risk of an accident. Therefore, it may be best to assume that someone is going to make a mistake and take action before getting hurt or killed in a crash.

Highway driving can be convenient for those looking to maximize fuel efficiency or save time on long trips or commutes to work. By driving defensively, staying clear of emergency vehicles and staying in the proper lane, you increase the odds of getting to your destination safely and in a timely manner.