4 Reasons Why Brakes Are Squealing – Automobile Answers

When you’re driving your car, you don’t want to hear a squealing sound coming from your brakes. It’s possibly the harshest noise that you could hear, like nails on a chalkboard. If you ever hear this noise while you’re stopping or even depressing the brake pad so that you can slow down, you need to find a mechanic who can make the necessary repairs as there are a few reasons for the sound that you hear.

Pause to Look at the Pads

A common reason why your brakes are squealing is that your pads are worn. Once the brake pads reach a certain point, they don’t offer the same support that you need to stop. The metal of the brake pads will begin to grind against the metal of the rotors and the rest of the brake system. Pay attention to how long it takes for the car to slow down once you begin to brake. Once the pads begin to wear down, it will take longer for the car to react to your braking.

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Clean the Dust

When you get new brake pads put on your car, there will be dust that accumulates when you brake the first few times with them. This dust can get between the pads and the rotors, which can cause a squealing sound. There’s nothing wrong with the brakes at this point if you know that you just had the brakes repaired, and the squealing will usually go away once you wash the tires or brake a few times. If you’re worried, you can visit a brake specialist who can make sure the pads were put on the right way.

Listen to the Rain

If you hear it raining outside or see that it’s raining, then you might hear your brakes squealing. Moisture can easily get to the brake pads and rotors and cause high-pitched noises until they are dry. If you have a garage, then consider putting your car inside until it’s not raining.

Check the Cheap Brakes

Sometimes, it’s best to spend more money on your brake pads. Cheaper pads often have higher levels of metal in them. This means that the brake pads will usually squeal longer than pads that are of a higher quality.

Your brakes are an important component of the vehicle. When you hear any abnormal sounds from the brakes, you need to get them checked. If you let the noise linger, then it could mean a more expensive repair or no brakes at all.